Visited places

Monday, 31 October 2016

Magdeburg: colorful miracle

It is a wonder that Magdeburg is so pretty today. It was completely destroyed in the past (in 1631, in 1943 - 1945) but still people rebuild it. Today it is nice city full of different styles and well maintained. Very nice place for a walk around the city centre or along the Elberadweg which cresses the city in two alternative paths.

Green citadel of Magdeburg (which is pink)
Magdeburg cathedral

Friday, 7 October 2016

Fürstenberg/Havel city: the sign of our time

To Fürstenberg/Havel we get by very nice bicycle road from Berlin Spandau(126km) called Havelradweg. The road goes nearly all the time out of car roads and it is often better quality the those car roads. From Fürstenberg you can the the regional train back to Berlin. It is quite lowly city, although also with the dark history from the XX century. But the biggest impression made on me the main square: On the one side is the evangelic church from XIX century and on the other side NETTO! Build also from the sand bricks, but in XXI century style. Each side of the square shows what is the most important value of their times.