Visited places

Sunday, 22 December 2019

On the way Berlin - Prague, walk above the clouds

The Děčínský Sněžník, 723m (German: Hoher Schneeberg) is a mountain in the Czechia Republic not far from the highway Berlin - Prague. If the weather is nice, definitely worth to take 2 hours for a walk and visit the peak. Suitable also for small kids and prams. On the top is view tower and restaurant with traditional Czech kitchen. We were lucky to be there during inversion and could admire the view on the other picks going out of on the clouds.

Sunday, 24 November 2019

Botanischer Garten Berlin before Christmas - the quintessence of German decorations

Fourth year in the raw Botanischer Garten prepares a trial in the night through decorated with lights parts of the garden. Nice walk with children - fairy tail atmosphere. I only recommend to come short before the opening - at the beginning is less people (and maybe short before closing too) because in the middle the crowd can spoil the atmosphere.

Friday, 15 November 2019

Blatensky vrch

Blatensky vrch is 1043 m high pick in the Ore Mountains. To the pick goes short and easy walk from Horni Blatna main square. On the way there is ice hole and wolf pit (holes left after mining industry extracting tin and iron in the area of the mountain) and the observation tower on the pick. Nice walk suitable for kids.

Sunday, 27 October 2019

Korfos - Ermioni, saling with childeren along Peloponez peninsula

In the beginning of October the weather in Greece was, for us used to Baltic, like in the middle of the summer. Water 24, air 28 degrees, what to wish more. The landscape was fresh green - it looked like a second spring this year. We were swimming, sunbathing, sailing, walking through beautiful islands. Food is local and delicious (we eat lot of fresh vegetables, fishes and sea food) and people very nice and most of them sufficiently English speaking. We liked it more then Croatia. Harbors are very cheap (4-5 euro for a night on 33ft yacht, comparing to 40-50 in Croatia) with lots of Taverns serving great food and wine, so we also enjoyed some night live. In Ermioni we had a dancing party on the wharf with nice crew of neighboring catamaran from Romania. The most picture square views we had on the Island Hydra (we walked to the old monastery and mount Eros). On the Methane Island we had a bath in warm spring going from under the volcano. Some members of the crew were also catching tuna fishes, octopuses and others so we had a lot of delicious food on board. This time we had a crewed yacht with captain (Jirka) who took us and recommend us the best places everywhere around and told us many stories about Greece as he lives there already since 3 years. We can recommend his services to take cruise with him. Just go and try sailing in Greece.



The youngest part of the crew

Hydra island

On Eros pick

Methane Island, sulfuric water flows into the sea

Radon water spring on Methana Island

Viola flowers - spring is around

Friday, 4 October 2019

Střekov Castle ( Ústí nad Labem in the Czechia)

Great place for a stop on the way Berlin - Prague (by car you need to go around 10 minutes from highway). Scenic place with restaurant and a tour thought the ruins of the castle from XIV century. By the entrance is offered paper guide in all European languages. Easy to walk even for 3-4 year old kids. (Not suitable for the pram).

Friday, 30 August 2019

Liptovský Mikuláš city for mountains and water

Liptovský Mikuláš has perfect train connection with Berlin (train to Prague and then short change into the night train Prague -Liptovský Mikuláš). Theris is an offer to buy a place with a bad in the train. You fall asleep in Prague and weak up in the morning in Liptovský Mikuláš. On the spot there are of course great hiking tours (fir bigger children) but also huge aqua park (Tatralandia) lake and river. Enjoy.

Fürstenwalde - Hangelsberg one day trip on kayak

Nice nature and calm river of Spree invites Berliners, and not only, for very nice route. We were lucky to do it by hot weather so we stop and swim and grill on the way. Start and endpoint are near bey train station so kayaking from A to B creates no problem on how to get back. Kayaks or canoes can be rent e.g. in KSS Canoeing Spree GmbH .

Wednesday, 10 July 2019

Kayaking on Archipelago Sea, Finland

This time we went on a trip without kids. Whole Finland is very safe and kid friendly, however kayaking on the sea was a bit too much for our kids. It would be definitely possible taking them for one day but not for a one week round trip. The winds might become quite heavy or waves too high. Plus sometimes it is nice to spend some time just as a pair.

To begin with: there were very little mosquitoes (because of the wind from the sea) and it was warm (20-25) which was perfect, because in the middle Europe it was this week when was 35-38 degrees. So all that we were afraid about, did not happen.

The coastline in National Park Archipelago is very beautiful - maps don’t lie, just islands, islands and island. Just behind the corner you see that the land you have seen from the distance is actually yet another island. Not prolonging of the one near you. The rocks smooth in the last ice age are heated from the sun, inviting you to land on the island and rest there. There were no people there(!). One can just choose some island for a rest or for a night and have it exclusively.

On lots of islands is some cottage or sauna, but even in the top season most of the cottages were empty. On the island Noto we camped on the camping site with sauna and open kitchen. As everywhere in Finland the camping sites are perfectly prepared, with wood and very clean. There is almost no plastic waste anywhere.

It is highly recommended using GPS and electronic maps for navigation. It would be too easy getting lost. Check the weather forecast regularly is a must. The cell phone coverage is excellent everywhere. At the end of our journey we’ve paddled during the wind 9 in Beaufort scale, however it was manageable while being hidden behind the islands. Just do not go against the wind or on open water. Even by so strong wind the waves are not too high between the islands. On the open sea it could be too much.

There were no people but we also have an impression that there are not too many animals and we did not manage to catch any fish.

We enjoyed a lot. Kayak is good choice for Archipelago (without kids). I can also image to visit that place again with kids on a sailing boat.

Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Sailing on Szczecin Lagoon (Zalew Szczeciński, Stettiner Haff)

3 days round on Johnson 26 that we rent in Stepnica. First day we sail to Świnoujście. Second to Dziwnów (on Baltic Sea) and thought Wolin back to Stapinca on the third day. The marina in Dziwnów was much better then in Świnoujście - located closer to the beach, with place for washing the dishes and fishing port nearby. On night we slept on the anchor and enjoy the sunrise on the water.

JOMSBORG – VINETA WOLIN – Center of Slavs and Vikings

During our sailing trip on Szczecin Lagoon we stopped in Wolin. On the other side of the river Dziwna is JOMSBORG - reconstruction of city of Slavs and Vikings. In the village are not only building but also people living! and working there. You can meet them in the historical cloths and they will tell you about how it was to live is such a place, show you how to produce salt, bake a bread etc. I fully recommend.

Monday, 13 May 2019

Koněprusy caves: juorney in the time for the rainy day

In the cave there are stone roses that are 1,5 million years old. And many "newer" stalactites and stalagmites. Also in the Koněprusy Caves system, a large number of animal bones from 600,000 - 13,000 years ago, as well as human bones belonging to the Homo sapiens sapiens of about 13,000 years old, were found. In the Celtic times the area got its name: that means whiet horses. At the entrance to the cave is the symbol of Celtic women on the horse. Sometime between 1469 and 1472, a money-making workshop was set up on the upper floor to make fake coins. All this was forgotten and in 1950 the cave was rediscovered again and open to the public in 1959.

The tour in the cave is suitable for kinds age 4+ (no prams). It definitely makes an impression. Our kid also enjoyed a lot collecting the stones in the valley bellow the cave (yellow touristic path in the are of the cave). It is easy to find stones with seashells, small creatures and parts of plants. And you can allowed to take them with. Enjoy.

Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Skiing on Stóg Izerski

Stóg Izerski is the peak situated in the Polish part of the Jizera Mountains (near Świeradów Zdrój). Below the top is the upper station of Gondola that takes tourists, skier snowboarders, bikers in the summer and other lovers of mountains up the hill. We visited it in the winter season. This year there was there a lot of show, up to 2 m on the top! Gondola is kids and skiing beginners friendly. Also the read down the hill is not sharp. Till around 14 o'clock (in winter) the hill is on the sunny part of the mountain later the Sun hides behind the mountain. At the bottom station and in the neighborhood there are more small lifts for small kids (3 years old) or total beginners. Nice place to ski with kids but I was enjoining most the vies on the mountains pick going out of the clouds.

Monday, 28 January 2019

Skiing in Mikulov (German: Niklasberg)

Mikulov (German: Niklasberg) is a village in Teplice District surrounded by hills. Although not very high (869 m a.s.l.) are quite steep and offer also routes sharply going down. Near the bottom stations are places for beginner to learn. Additinaly there are many routs for Ski touring. Refer to the details on the area web page.