Visited places

Sunday, 27 October 2019

Korfos - Ermioni, saling with childeren along Peloponez peninsula

In the beginning of October the weather in Greece was, for us used to Baltic, like in the middle of the summer. Water 24, air 28 degrees, what to wish more. The landscape was fresh green - it looked like a second spring this year. We were swimming, sunbathing, sailing, walking through beautiful islands. Food is local and delicious (we eat lot of fresh vegetables, fishes and sea food) and people very nice and most of them sufficiently English speaking. We liked it more then Croatia. Harbors are very cheap (4-5 euro for a night on 33ft yacht, comparing to 40-50 in Croatia) with lots of Taverns serving great food and wine, so we also enjoyed some night live. In Ermioni we had a dancing party on the wharf with nice crew of neighboring catamaran from Romania. The most picture square views we had on the Island Hydra (we walked to the old monastery and mount Eros). On the Methane Island we had a bath in warm spring going from under the volcano. Some members of the crew were also catching tuna fishes, octopuses and others so we had a lot of delicious food on board. This time we had a crewed yacht with captain (Jirka) who took us and recommend us the best places everywhere around and told us many stories about Greece as he lives there already since 3 years. We can recommend his services to take cruise with him. Just go and try sailing in Greece.



The youngest part of the crew

Hydra island

On Eros pick

Methane Island, sulfuric water flows into the sea

Radon water spring on Methana Island

Viola flowers - spring is around

Friday, 4 October 2019

Střekov Castle ( Ústí nad Labem in the Czechia)

Great place for a stop on the way Berlin - Prague (by car you need to go around 10 minutes from highway). Scenic place with restaurant and a tour thought the ruins of the castle from XIV century. By the entrance is offered paper guide in all European languages. Easy to walk even for 3-4 year old kids. (Not suitable for the pram).