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Sunday, 20 August 2017

Cycling with children from Bratislava to Budapest, following Eurovelo 6 and Danube

Take a map

Eurovelo 6 from Bratisalava to Butapest is prepared but, but not 100%. There are parts of the road that lead on the usual roads with cars traffic. Also the signs are not always on the place, so be sure to take good map or download some gpx before. You can also use ours (althought small part is missing):


The terrain is nearly flat all the time and therefor it is perfect to cycle with kids. The youngest participant from our group that cycled on his own was 5 years old! We did around 30 km per day, with maximum of 50 km per day.


There are lots of attractions on the way. Beautiful cities: Budapest, Bratislava, Komarno, Eszegrom...Druging the first night we stayed in the camping in Čunovo with lot of water sports attractions including rafting and surfing. In Komarno and Štúrovo are thermal baths of a great smell and taste. We have eaten lot of Langos - local specialties, Bryndzove Halusky in Slovakia and many fruits and vegetables cooked on our one, that we bought from local people. Hungary is a free country, you can sleep on the beach and have a fire place there. Great atmosphere. People are very nice and friendly. Only sometimes it is hard to communicate. It is good to learn a few Hungarian words before.

Start in Bratislava, on the bridge through the Danube

Beach at the Danube

Most of the campings have a smaller or bigger swimming pool

Komarno, Europa square

Štúrovo, thermal bath

Camping at the beach

In beautiful Budapest

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